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The South Tower (also known as Tower 2, Building Two or 2 WTC) of the World Trade Center in New York City was completed and opened in 1973 at a height of 415 meters (1,362 ft), distinguishable from the North Tower by its outdoor observation deck and the absence of a television antenna. The address of this building was 2 World Trade Center with the WTC complex having its own ZIP code of 10048. It was destroyed along with the North Tower (1 World Trade Center) in the September 11 attacks. The South Tower was the second tower to be struck at 9:03 AM and the first tower to collapse at 9:59 AM.

On the 107th floor of this building was a popular tourist attraction called Top of the World Trade Center Observatories. On the roof was an observation deck accessible to the public and a disused helipad at the center.

Note: Floor numbers in  red  are part of United Airlines Flight 175's impact area, with trapped floors above this zone marked in  grey .

FL# Companies Business
110 Outdoor Observatory Tourism
109 Mechanical floor
108 Mechanical floor
107 Showtime Pictures, Indoor Observatory with Food court which included Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs and Sbarro Pizzeria Business services, Tourism, Food
106 Atlantic Bank of New York Banks/Financial
105 AON Corporation Insurance
104 AON Corporation, Sandler O'Neill and Partners Insurance, Investment
103 AON Corporation Insurance
102 AON Corporation Insurance
101 AON Corporation Insurance
100 AON Corporation Insurance
99 AON Corporation Insurance
98 AON Corporation Insurance
97 Fiduciary Trust Company International Banks/Financial
96 Fiduciary Trust Company International Banks/Financial
95 Fiduciary Trust Company International Banks/Financial
94 Fiduciary Trust Company International Banks/Financial
93 Regus Business Centers Facility management
92 AON Corporation Insurance
91 Gibbs and Hill, Raytheon Company Engineers, Manufacturing
90 Fiduciary Trust Company International Banks/Financial
89 Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Investment
88 Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Investment
87 Corporation Service Company, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Legal Services, Government
86 New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Government
85 Harris Beach, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Attorneys, Investment
84 Euro Brokers Financial
83 IQ Financial Systems, Chuo Mitsui Trust & Banking Financial, Financial
82 Fuji Bank Banks/Financial
81 Fuji Bank Banks/Financial
80 Fuji Bank Banks/Financial
79 Fuji Bank Banks/Financial
78 Skylobby, First Commercial Bank, Baseline Financial Services Banks/Financial, Financial
77 Baseline Financial Services Financial
76 Mechanical floor
75 Mechanical floor
74 Morgan Stanley Investment
73 Morgan Stanley Investment
72 Morgan Stanley Investment
71 Morgan Stanley Investment
70 Morgan Stanley Investment
69 Morgan Stanley Investment
68 Morgan Stanley Investment
67 Morgan Stanley Investment
66 Morgan Stanley Investment
65 Morgan Stanley Investment
64 Morgan Stanley Investment
63 Morgan Stanley Investment
62 Morgan Stanley Investment
61 Morgan Stanley Investment
60 Morgan Stanley Investment
59 Morgan Stanley Investment
58 Bridge Information Systems Financial Information Provider
57 Bridge Information Systems Financial Information Provider
56 Morgan Stanley Investment
55 Guy Carpenter, Garban Intercapital Reinsurance, Investment
54 Guy Carpenter Reinsurance
53 Guy Carpenter Reinsurance
52 Guy Carpenter Reinsurance
51 Guy Carpenter Reinsurance
50 Guy Carpenter Reinsurance
49 Guy Carpenter, Seabury & Smith Reinsurance, Insurance
48 Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Guy Carpenter Insurance, Reinsurance
47 Guy Carpenter Reinsurance
46 Morgan Stanley Investment
45 Morgan Stanley Investment
44 Skylobby, Morgan Stanley Investment
43 Morgan Stanley Investment
42 Mechanical floor
41 Mechanical floor
40 Sitailong International USA, Thacher Proffitt & Wood, LLP Not available, Attorneys
39 Thacher Proffitt & Wood, LLP Attorneys
38 Thacher Proffitt & Wood, LLP Attorneys
36 Frenkel and Company Insurance
35 ABN AMRO, Frenkel and Company Mortgage brokers, Insurance
34 Oppenheimer Funds Investment
33 Oppenheimer Funds Investment
32 Oppenheimer Funds Investment
31 Oppenheimer Funds Investment
30 Hartford Steam Boiler, New York Stock Exchange Insurance, Financial
29 Weatherly Securities Corp., New York Stock Exchange Investment, Financial
28 Big A Travel Agency, Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd., Law Office of Joseph Bellard, New York Stock Exchange Travel, Banks/Financial, Attorneys, Financial
26 Sun Microsystems Computer services
25 Sun Microsystems Computer services
24 Allstate Insurance Company, China Chamber of Commerce, December First Productions, Globe Tour and Travel, SCOR U.S. Corporation, Sinolion, TD Waterhouse Group Insurance, Organizations, Not available, Travel, Insurance, Not available, Investment
23 SCOR U.S. Corporation, Unistrat Corporation of America Insurance, Consultants
22 Antal International, Mancini Duffy, Sinochem American Holdings, Washington Mutual Employment agency, Architects, Investment, Banks/Financial
21 Adecco SA, Career Engine, Charoen Pokphand USA, Mancini Duffy Employment agency, Research, Transport/Utility, Architects
20 Thacher Proffitt & Wood, LLP, New York Shipping Association Attorneys, Transportation
19 New York Shipping Association, Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor Transportation,
18 Alliance Consulting, Caserta and Company, Chen, Lin, Li, and Jiang, Intera Group, Pines Investment, Professional Assistance and Consulting, Showtime Pictures, Weiland International, Abad, Castilla and Mallonga Consultants, Not available, Investment, Employment agency, Investment, Consultants, Business services, Investment, Attorneys
17 New York Institute of Finance Consultants
16 National Development and Research Institute Research
15 Candia Shipping, James T. Ratner, Law Office of, John J. McMullen & Associates, John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Mancini Duffy, Orient International Wholesalers, Attorneys, Engineers, Investment, Architects, Not available
14 Charna Chemicals, Paging Network of New York, Patinka International (USA), Union Bank of California International Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Business services, Banks/Financial
12 EuroBrokers, Verizon Communications Investment, Telecommunication
11 Verizon Communications Telecommunication
10 Verizon Communications Telecommunication
9 Verizon Communications Telecommunication
8 Mechanical floor
7 Mechanical floor
1 Colortek Kodak Imaging Center Business services
L Nichols Foundation Government/Schools
C Johnston and Murphy Not available
B Xerox Document Company Manufacturing
NA Continental Insurance Company Insurance
SOURCES: CoStar Group Inc.; Skyscrapers, An Architectural Type of Modern Urbanism; compiled from AP wire reports.

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